Remote Location Filing (RLF) is a relatively new program offered by Customs that enables Uniway Customs Services Inc. to electronically file Customs clearance on behalf of our customers in ports other than where we are domiciled. As a result, our customers benefit from consistent and uniform entry processing, which can reduce overall costs.

Additional benefits:

        Provides one point of contact

        Simplifies Customs record keeping

        Improves compliance with Customs matters

        Reduces Customs entry transaction fees

        Reduces clearance time through Customs

        Provides for more consistent cargo processing

        Cuts communication costs

        Reduces courier expenses

Remote Location Filing is simple.

Uniway will transmit to ABI all appropriate electronic information including special requirements relating to the Customs approved RLF port of entry. Once the RLF entry is transmitted, we will receive the essential electronic releases from Customs as well as other government agencies. In essence, our customers have access to their cargo, in many instances, a week earlier than cargo processed by traditional methods.